Loma Center MediumRes-3344

Loma Center, Ljubljana

The property was built in 2006 on Šmartinska cesta in Ljubljana. It has 8,100 sqm and is occupied by 16 top class tenants such as Johnson&Johnson, Nestle etc. with lease agreements of up to 5 years. Estimated property value is at EUR 10m.

Durs Kranj MediumRes-4099

DURS Kranj

DURS Kranj building was built in 2007 in Kranj (North-western part of Slovenia). Property of 4,928 sqm is occupied 100% by the two tenants, Ministry of Public administration and CSD Kranj, with 9 years lease agreement.



Eiffel Square, Budapest CBD

6 story Class A+ office building. Prime location between the Budapest CBD and Vaci Corridor facing the Eiffel Square Park and Nyugati Railway station. Built in 2010 and 99.5 % leased, considered one of the premier office assets in Hungary.


Allianz Arena, Munich

Part-financing of Allianz Arena. The total investment volume of the extraordinary stadium were partially financed with equity capital from private investors. The retail fund was liquidated earlier than expected in 2009 following a successful sale.


Austrian Retail Park Portfolio (ARPP)

The Austrian Retail Park Portfolio is a core real estate fund for institutional investors. The fund invests in selected retail parks across Austria. Broad diversification is achieved through a diversified regional allocation and a balanced mix of sectors and tenants.


Allianz Headquarter, London

Core real estate investment in a Grade A office building in the City of London. Located between EC2 and EC3, it is used as headquarter for Allianz UK. The property is held by a retail fund, financed mainly by equity from private investors.



Perleberg photovoltaic facility

The Perleberg facility consists of two parts with a total output of 35 MWp. It was constructed for an institutional fund and a retail fund run by KGAL. The facility is located on the site of a former military airfield near the town of Perleberg (between Berlin and Hamburg).


Langwedel wind farm

The Langwedel wind farm (Lower Saxony) was acquired in 2011 by the institutional fund ESPF 2. It consists of Vestas V90 (2MW) wind turbines with a total capacity of 20 MW. The wind farm is one of the first wind farms in Germany with a hub height of 125 m. The increased hub height ensures a more uniform wind flow, decreases mechanical stress and improves electricity production.


Individual renewable energy portfolio

Single mandate for an institutional investor with a volume of EUR 300 million. The portfolio invests in wind power, photovoltaic and solar thermal facilities as well as hydropower stations.


European Sustainable Power Fund 2

The European Sustainable Power Fund 2 (ESPF 2), which offers institutional investors a diversified portfolio of wind and solar power, achieved the maximum equity capital volume of EUR 500 million within a year and has therefore been closed.


Enhanced Sustainable Power Fund 3

The Enhanced Sustainable Power Fund 3 (ESPF 3) for institutional investors invests primarily in wind power (onshore) and photovoltaic facilities. In addition, it targets other renewable technologies and grid investments. The main investment focus is on Europe.



Over decades KGAL GmbH & Co. KG, the majority shareholder of TRIGAL, has successfully expanded its business by acquiring or establishing new operating companies, either as 100% shareholder or together with strategic partners as Joint Ventures. Each of these new operating companies were or are still fully integrated in KGAL Group.

TRIGAL team has longstanding experience in the Southeastern, Central & Eastern Europe markets and may additionally benefit from the experience of its shareholder KGAL.

As an illustrative track record:

KGAL Group (total net return):

  • Auto Service Leasing GmbH: 18.9% IRR over 13 years (KGAL shares sold in 2007);
  • GOAL: 15% IRR over 19 years (KGAL is still majority shareholder);
  • Al Ships GmbH: 11.4% IRR over 13 years (KGAL is 100% shareholder since 2013);
  • Disko Leasing: 13% IRR over 22 years (KGAL shares sold in 2007);
  • Diskont und Kredit AG: 10% IRR over 22 years (KGAL shares sold in 2007);
  • Lufthansa Leasing GmbH: 7.84% IRR over 28 years (KGAL is still shareholder);