Types of transactions

Investments in the Fund will be managed in a way to provide institutional investors with global and regional investment scope and to offer a distinctive proprietary investment approach through:

– Diversification across real asset classes
– Portfolio investment discipline
– Deep asset know-how and hands-on management


The Fund will target a specificaly designed asset allocation, split into global compartment and regional compartment.

The Fund will have a distinctive strategy of preserving capital through conservative low risk profile, diversification and disconnection from capital market  cycles.

The Fund will match investors current and long-term assets and liabilities with a stable yield and sustainable recurring distribution of cash.

Real Estate

• Pan-European gateway cities in liquid real estate markets (walkability concept, cities of tomorrow etc.)
• S&CEE opportunities
• Office and retail assets
• Strong cash-flows profiles (Core) with possible allocation to refurbishment opportunities (Core+)
• Expected returns
– Western Europe: 5% to 6% p.a.
– S&CEE: higher returns (market dependent)


• Focus on renewable energy investments
• Diversification through investments in international target markets (priority EU)
• Selected S&CEE region investments
• Different project stages (greenfield, turnkey, brownfield etc.)
• Feeder-funds possible to increase diversification and accelerate investment process
• Expected returns between 5% and 8% p.a.

Private Equity

• Private equity investments in S&CEE region to make use of opportunities due to local expertise and network
• SME multi sector focus, with emphasis on regional integration, growth opportunities through supply of equity to support expansion, partial exit of existing owners and change of generation
• Structure, financing and investment term dependent on individual transaction
• Expected returns >10% p.a.