About us

KGAL and Triglav combine over 166 years of institutional investment experience and join forces to create TRIGAL, the leading real asset investment management platform for the Southern, Central & Eastern European region (“S&CEE”).

Trigal provides advisory services for Real Assets Investment Funds for institutional investors in the S&CEE region. It encompasses the following:

1. Global and regional investment scope

2. Distinctive proprietary investment approach:
– Diversification across asset classes
– Portfolio investment discipline
– Deep asset know-how and hands-on management

The trigal provides investment advice to Multi Real Asset Fund targeting a specifically designed asset allocation:

  • KGAL MANAGED FUNDS: allocation to KGAL managed funds for the exposure to large pools of real assets (real estate, infrastructure and aviation)
  • REGIONAL MULTI REAL ASSET FUND: allocation to regional real estate, small and medium enterprises (SME) and infrastructure investments

Trigal is a real assets “One-Stop Shop” for:


  • Capital preservation
  • Conservative low risk profile
  • Sustainable recurring distribution
  • Diversification
  • Disconnection from capital markets cycles
  • Matching investor’s current and long-term assets & liabilities