Investment targets

Regional real estate

  • Target Asset Classes – Core/Core +
  • Prime located, cash producing assets in main cities Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade or similar with potential to increase value via active asset management
  • Resilient retail or mix use properties
  • Downtown offices that allow “Walkability”
  • Multi-tenant assets where active management can deliver enhanced returns
  • TRIGAL goal is to translate the value created by active asset management into higher financial return for the investors

Attractive returns

  • Income driven: Cash yield 4-5%
  • Blended IRR (cash yield, dividend yield plus yield on development) above 12%
  • Benefit from regular income and total return prospect over a long investment period
  • Sustainable recurring distribution and capital preservation

Our region – Strong market fundamentals

Primary investment countries:
Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia

Secondary investment countries:
Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania

The most attractive yields in Europe

  • Capital cities in SEE region such as Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade provide the highest prime office yields in EU
  • Prime office markets with compressing yields, strong tenant demand and increasing investors’ appetite
Western EU London 110.00 3.75
Paris 70.80 3.00
Frankfurt 43.50 2.90
Central EU Warsaw 23.80 4.75
Prague 23.00 4.40
Budapest 17.00 6.15
South-Eastern EU Belgrade 16.00 8.50
Zagreb 14.00-16.00 > 9.00
Ljubljana 14.00-17.00 > 9.00
Source: Colliers

Regional infrastructure investments

Focus on renewable energy investments

  • Selected S&CEE region investments
  • Different project stages (greenfield, turnkey, brownfield etc.)
  • Feeder-funds possible to increase diversification and accelerate investment process
  • Expected returns between 5% and 8% p.a.

Regional private equity

  • SME multi sector focus, with emphasis on regional integration, growth opportunities through supply of equity to support expansion, partial exit of existing owners and change of generation
  • Structure, financing and investment term dependent on individual transaction
  • Expected returns >10% p.a.